Kiqe Bosch
There may be nothing as inspiring as seeing an image so powerful your breath is stolen for a moment. As your eyes take in the image your soul weeps, with joy and sorrow. You can see the pain and strife, but also the will and force of this being in front of you. Tears come to your eyes as you take in the beauty in front of you. Time stops for a moment, you dare not question her story, you see it there plain as day. You see the strength that almost never was.

There may be nothing more terrifying than the moment when you realize that this image in front of you, this strange being of beauty and power, is you.

Words fail to describe the emotions I felt as I looked upon this image for the first time. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend that this was me, my body, my heart, my soul. Yet there I was, and I could scarcely believe. I’ve spent hours stringing words together always coming up short of what I wanted to say. How could I ever express properly what a gift Kiqe has given to me?


What a gift I have been given, to see myself through the eyes of another.

Not as the broken girl, the damaged girl. Not as the strange one, the one who has no hope. Not as the one who could do no right, not the girl who deserved no love. This is not the unwanted daughter, not the desired first borne son. This is not the girl who surrendered.

She is all of it. She is the pain and suffering, the product of damage and abuse. She is her scars, worn proudly for the world to see if they only dare look.
She is strength and survival, acceptance and forgiveness. She is more than what you see.

Kiqes photos have never ceased to amaze me. He does not take pictures of bodies. He captures moments where souls are true and free. He finds our truths and sets them free. Kiqe sees people, and he shows us ourselves.

What greater gift could we ever receive?

Thank you Kiqe, with all my soul

Isabella Rose
Kiqe Bosch
"A keen listener and observer, Kiqe is a patient and true artist.  He was not only able to make me comfortable in front of the camera, which I had rarely, if ever, felt before, but was also able to capture images of me that made me see myself completely, brilliantly anew."
- Aurelia Berry
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